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Investor Information


Thanks for your interest in investing in the future of Alchemy Interactive, and the future of our amazing family of creatives. We may be small and just starting out, but we promise we’ll be a studio worth watching.

We are open to all serious inquiries regarding options (for close friends and family members) or for outside angel investment. Please note that we are not entertaining venture capital interests of any kind at this time.

Financial Investment

Simply put; making games takes money. We’ve been voluntarily smashing away at the game development mountain for over two years now, but would love to bring everyone together under one roof. We have a business plan, we have a marketing plan, and a three-year rollout strategy … our blueprint for success. We’ve done our very best to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ as we cautiously step forward into the unknown, but we require capital if we ever want the ability to produce our games full-time. If you are interested in pursuing financial options with Alchemy Interactive or any of the game design properties described on our website, please contact us.

Team Mentoring

We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for the wisdom and advice of our friends, family and industry professionals we’ve had the good fortune of speaking with over the years. Our team is always open to information and advice from anyone willing to contribute.

Resource Investment

We are very fortunate to have been connected with so many incredibly kind and generous benefactors to be where we are today. From studio space, motion capture time, deals on meals, free coffees, to contributed freelancer hours just because people believed in us so much and wanted to help, the resource investment possibilities are endless. We believe in people helping people, so if you see some way we can help each-other, or if you just want to donate some time or other resource to help our hard-working team move forward, we’d love to hear from you!